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The Shipment, Part 3

After receiving the advice that his car had shipped and was en route to Seattle, Nerheim wrote to his parents in Tacoma to inform them so they could be ready to receive it.  He wrote the letter below on May 3 and mailed it on May 7, 1962 (the original envelope, with the postmark date, is still present in the document collection).

Note Nerheim's detailed instructions and list of the contents of the boot (trunk), complete with the Bill of Sale, invoice and insurance certificate that the Donald Healey Motor Company provided to him (all of which are still in the document collection), further demonstrating his meticulous attention to detail that we noted before.

1962 05 03 Nerheim Letter.jpg
1962 05 03 Boot Contents List.jpg

We don't know who "John" was (mentioned in the letter at left), but presumably he was a friend of Nerheim's who was to drive the car away once it arrived in Seattle.  Nerheim's original detailed sketches for John, of the trunk contents and the controls and switches, as mentioned in the letter, remain in the document collection:

Nerheim's handwritten list of trunk contents, below, remains in the document collection.

1962 05 Boot Contents Sketch.jpg
1962 05 Controls Sketch.jpg
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