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The Shipment, Part 2

On May 1, 1962, the Donald Healey Motor Company informed Nerheim via letter that his car had been shipped, and advised him of the projected arrival date in Seattle. 


It's interesting to note that the mileage was nearly 60,000 on a car that was only about six years old at the time.   That works out to 10,000 miles per year under the previous owner(s), and that's a lot of miles in England, especially in the days before "motorways" (freeways).  This may indicate that the car was a daily driver/"only car" during the previous ownership.

Also note that the ship, the "Pacific Unity," may have "closed for cargo" on April 18, but we do not know the departure date.  Since the letter is dated May 1, it is possible that the ship did not depart until late in April.  The projected arrival date in Seattle of approximately May 17 may indicate an ocean transit time of about three weeks, which would be typical for the Pacific crossing route.  

1962 05 01 DHMC Letter.jpg
Pacific Unity.jpg

The S.S. Pacific Unity was built in 1948 and scrapped in August 1970, and during that time she carried at least one Austin-Healey from the UK to the USA, Manchester to Seattle.

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