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The files with the car include several Austin-Healey sales brochures indicating that Nerheim was serious about purchasing a Healey while stationed in France.

Car Shopping in Europe

2 Prelim 3000 Mk II  2034.jpg
3 3000 Mk II 2034.jpg
4 Healey Model Chart.jpg
1 3000 1734 .jpg

The 3000 was likely the current model Healey when Nerheim arrived in France. Note the dealer stamp on this brochure reading "Garage Pineau," the Austin dealer in La Rochelle, indicating that Nerheim probably picked up this brochure himself on an early visit as he shopped for an Austin-Healey.

This is a rare "Preliminary Specification" brochure for the 3000 Mark II tri-carb Austin-Healey.  That model was introduced during Nerheim's assignment in France, and he likely picked up this brochure at his local dealer in La Rochelle. 

This is the first brochure for the Mark II tri-carb following the "Preliminary Specification" brochure, and again, likely acquired by Nerheim in La Rochelle.

From numerous items in the files with the car we may conclude that Nerheim was a meticulous and detail-oriented man, and this chart provides more evidence.  His hand-drawn and hand-typed chart comparing the different models of Austin-Healey attests to his serious and methodical approach to shopping for his Austin-Healey.

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