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The Purchase, Part 4

Exactly four weeks after Nerheim's visit to the Donald Healey Motor Company showroom in London and committing to the purchase of the car, on April 3, 1962, the period permitting partial refund of his $200 down payment expired and this Invoice and Bill of Sale were executed.

1962 04 03 DHMC Invoice.jpg
1962 04 03 DHMC Declaration and Evidence

This Bill of Sale, executed and notarized on April 3, 1962, acknowledges receipt of $1124 on March 27, 1962, thereby completing the sale.


Note that $1124 is the equivalent of £400, which is the price of the car.  However, Nerheim paid a total of $1348, a difference of $224.  That amount is the equivalent of £80, the charge for shipping indicated on the original purchase order form.

The Invoice.

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