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The Purchase, Part 2

After inspecting and test-driving the car, Jan Nerheim went ahead with the purchase and this is the purchase order form filled out the same day.  There are several interesting things about this order form.

First, it is obviously a form used for US military personnel.  Note "Rank and Name" as the top line.  "Base" on the third line would be for US Air Force personnel (Air Force personnel are generally stationed on "bases" while Army personnel are stationed at "forts" or "camps").  They omitted Nerheim's rank of PFC (Private First Class), a lower enlisted rank with a very modest salary.  As we shall see on subsequent pages of this website, financing the purchase was slightly complicated. 

Second, note on the "Car Model" line the reference to "ex Stephens" indicating the previous owner's name.

Third, note the reference to "Second Choice" on the Colour line, indicating that this form was normally used for the order of a new car.

Fourth, the first entry under "OTHER EXTRAS AND SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" reads N.B. ("note well") Price of £400 includes payment for Le Mans Kit.  This Healey is equipped with the Le Mans Kit, purchased from the Donald Healey Motor Company and apparently installed by them before the car was shipped to the USA.

Fifth, it is also recorded that Nerheim purchased a Workshop Manual ("w/shop manual") at the same time, and this manual remains with the car.

Nerheim made a down payment of $200 in the form of travelers checks towards the total price of $1348.

Purchase Order.jpg
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