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This Austin-Healey is both historically typical and exceptionally rare. 

It is typical in that it was purchased by a US serviceman stationed in Europe and was subsequently shipped to the USA, like many Austin-Healeys were. 


It is rare because it is an original right-hand drive example of the Austin-Healey 100, series BN2, with the Le Mans Engine Modification Kit, apparently fitted at the Donald Healey Motor Company after it was purchased as a used car at the Donald Healey showroom in London in 1962.  That this car is right-hand drive makes it exceptionally rare in the USA, and the fact that it was purchased at the Donald Healey showroom in London also makes it exceptionally rare.  It is also rare due to long-term ownership. The serviceman who bought it, Jan Nerheim, owned the car from the time he purchased it from Donald Healey in April 1962 until his death in December 2019; over 57 years. 


The first owner of the car is not recorded, although there is a note on the receipt for the 1962 purchase of the car reading, "A/H 100 BN2 ex Stephens Reg. No. RYW188" indicating the previous owner's name was Stephens.  As the car was only about six years old at the time Nerheim purchased it, it seems a reasonable assumption that "Stephens" was not only the previous owner, but likely the original owner.  Additionally, the RYW188 registration indicates the London area, and the original British license plates are still with the car.

We purchased the car from Nerheim's estate in Tacoma, Washington, in the spring of 2020.  We are Kent Lambert of Hood River, Oregon and Reid Trummel of Portland, Oregon.


The records on file at the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust detail the original specifications of this special Healey:       

1956 Austin-Healey 100 Le Mans

BN2 229182

This website describes an Austin-Healey 100 Le Mans

that is for sale and is located in Hood River, Oregon, USA

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